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Rich and generous territory that will amaze you


The province is rich in history of Treviso, Treviso lacittà defined according toPetrarch, "the beautiful district", and quoted by Dante Alighieri as the place "where the Sile and Cagnan" and Fazio degli Uberti "treviso that clear fountains the wholeride "to visit port St. Thomas, Piazza dei Signori, Palace of the three hundred, the Duomo, the Buranelli and all the medieval historic center. Prestigious exhibitionsare hosted in Treviso at Ca 'Carraresi

Pearl of the most beautiful villages in Italy Asolo is the "city of a hundred horizons" as Carducci called it, has hosted great personalities who each has left its trace in the name of art. Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus exiled former Asolo issurrounded by famous artists like the poet Pietro Bembo, the painter Lorenzo Lotto and Giorgione to visit the beautiful old town, the castle of Asolo, the Barco Altivoleto the home of Queen Cornaro never completed but who remembers the taste of theArabic and Persian led his country of origin.

Near Asolo mandatory stop to visit the Villa Barbaro (Maser Villa) masterpiece by Andrea Palladio, now World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Conegliano with its castle and old town and the palace where they are hostedSarcinelli exhibitions of great artistic value and neighboring Susegana the castle of San Salvatore.

Vittorio Veneto where one can visit the beautiful castle of Ceneda, the Museum of the Battle and the old town of Serravalle.

Possagno city where Antonio Canova's birthplace has been transformed into a museum. The gallery of plaster casts made ​​of the project architect. Carlo Scarpahome made ​​plaster works by Canova, which can also be visited by candlelight as he loved to show his sculptures to friends.

Venice is only an hour's drive, impossible not to go.


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